What Should You Look for in a Good Offer?

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Today we are going to answer one of the questions we have been getting asked a lot. A lot of sellers have been overwhelmed by the number of offers they’ve been getting on their homes, and they want to know what a good offer looks like. We’re here today to tell you.

First off, whether an offer is “good” or not depends on a few factors. For example, the price. It the property is priced well and at market value, we are seeing those homes get offers of 95% to 97% of list price. 

In Summit County, most homes sell between 87% and 98% of list price. When the property is priced right, we see people offer anywhere between 92% to 97% of list price, and we usually see negotiation take place as well. We’ve been seeing quite a few full-price offers and offers over list price as well, so that’s something to keep an eye out for. 

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