Adopt a Pet in Summit County, Colorado

Our local Animal Shelter has cats & dogs (and sometimes rabbits & ferrets) available for adoption year-round. Unfortunately, some folks have to give up their pets due to living situations, allergies and finances. That's where the Summit County Animal Shelter comes in! "We are very fortunate to live in a community that supports its Animal Control and Shelter and that takes pet responsibility seriously. Due to the shelter’s commitment to promoting spaying and neutering of pets to prevent unwanted litters, we have been successful at reducing the amount of animals that end up in our shelter, thereby, reducing the number of animals that must be euthanized due to a lack of homes. We are extremely fortunate to be a shelter that only euthanizes animals because of serious health or behavior issues rather than lack of space." (Courtesy: Summit County Animal Shelter)
They are also a great resource for animal education for existing & future pet owners; and they offer an 8-week program for elementary school students!
If you can't have a pet in your home, but you still want to spend time with a furry friend, contact the shelter to find out about counter opportunities. They usually need people to help walk and play with the dogs as well as to spend time with the cats.
For more information regarding volunteering with the Animal Shelter:
Summit County Animal Shelter
Summit Laps