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Happy Fall Time!

Have you been thinking about purchasing a home but just haven't pulled the trigger yet? There are many great reasons to buy in the Fall. Here in beautiful Summit County, the majority of homes purchased are second homes. Having a second home in Summit County is a great investment that can turn into something more than just a weekend getaway for you and your family, and there is no better time to consider than right before the snow starts falling! 

One of the main advantages of having a second home is the ability to generate income from it when you are not using it. There are so many activities to do in Summit County in every season, and having the option to rent makes your investment all that more lucrative. Some of the things to consider while purchasing a second home include amenities, location, accessibility, and size. The more your property can sleep, the more income you can earn. Large families and groups vacation in Summit County annually, and having a property that can hold everyone at the same time is most definitely an advantage. Being able to set your own rental rate, and choosing what type of rental program you would like to engage in (short or long term) gives you the peace of mind that you have an awesome getaway and a place where you can offset the cost when you aren't. 

The following link details the benefits of purchasing in the fall as opposed to other times of year. Tax breaks, lower pricing, and better weather are among a few of the perks that you will experience when purchasing in the fall. 

If you have any questions about the options available to you, do not hesitate to contact us for answers! We are excited to talk to you and help you find your dream home!